‘Who knows on how far they can go.’ Ex-Yonkers council member worries what’s next on SCOTUS' chopping block

A former Yonkers council member is concerned about what rights may be on the Supreme Court's chopping block following its decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.
Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that the Supreme Court must revisit and overrule previous cases that legalized the right to contraception, same-sex intimacy and same-sex marriage.
That has former Yonkers council member Michael Sabatino worried. Sabatino and his husband Robert Voorheis have been together for 44 years and legally married for 19 of them.
"Forty-four years of love and devotion, and caring for each other," says Voorheis.
The two were married in Canada in 2003 before it was legal in the United States. Now, they fear it could all come crumbling down.
"Who knows on how far they can go?" says Sabatino.
Thomas was clear on how he wants the court to proceed.
Marist College Associate Political Science Professor Lynn Eckert sees that potential path.
"The logic and the language of this decision really undercut these other cases," says Eckert.
As far as how the other justices feel on the matter, Justice Samuel Alito said the majority opinion only applies to abortion.