White Plains retired firefighters push to end health insurance contributions

Retired firefighters in White Plains are calling on the city to end the policy requiring them to pay a portion of their health insurance.
According to an agreement the city reached with the fire union in 1970, the city of White Plains would pay 100% of the health insurance premiums for retired firefighters as of July 1, 1971.
But in 2010, citing a financial crisis, the city required both active and retired firefighters to start contributing 15% to their health insurance.
In 2015, the city restored 100% contribution for active firefighters but not for retirees.
Ed Lobermann, 85, and the more than 100 retired firefighters he represents, sued the city so they wouldn't have to pay a portion of their health insurance. The suit was dropped just over a year ago as both sides tried to come to an agreement. Lobermann has revised his proposal to the city.
"All we want is as of July 2020, all retirees age 70 or older no longer be required to pay," he told News 12.
A resolution may soon be coming. A request has been made to put it on the agenda for the next White Plains Common Council meeting next week at City Hall.
News 12 calls to the White Plains Mayor's Office have not yet been returned.