Where is Spring Valley Mayor Alan Simon?

News 12's Eric Feldman spent the day in Spring Valley trying to get answers.

News 12 Staff

Dec 29, 2021, 10:40 PM

Updated 876 days ago


A News 12 viewer called to say Spring Valley Mayor Alan Simon has not been seen in Village Hall for weeks.
News 12's Eric Feldman spent the day in Spring Valley trying to get answers.
For hours, Feldman asked, called and went to Village Hall to find out where Simon has been and if he is OK.
It's no secret the mayor has been a lightning rod for controversy. He's been caught on camera berating other village leaders and was disbarred a few years ago for his behavior. This summer, he was diagnosed with COVID-19.
A statement from the village says his absence is due to something else.
Deputy Mayor Joseph Gross says "The medical condition of village personel is a matter of privacy. The mayor has authorized me as deputy mayor to advise that he is successfully rehabbing of a knee condition."
But the question our viewers have been wondering is who has been in charge of the village and why wasn't that made public.
Multiple former village-elected officials tell News 12 the mayor has been out of the office for at least a month.
A source with direct knowledge of the situation gave a similar timeline.
The village is currently in the process of transitioning to Rockland County taking over its Building Department.
The state took the unprecedented action last month, calling for the move after declaring the village's code enforcement a "critical threat" to the community.
The Board of Trustees canceled its last meeting - a chance to deal with this enormous change.

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