8-year-old boy starts nonprofit to help keep people safe during pandemic

A Weston 8-year-old boy has started a nonprofit in order to keep people safe during the pandemic.
Oscar Drais' mother, Amy, tells News 12 he came up with the idea over the summer all on his own and since then, they have been able to donate over 1,000 masks and hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer.
Oscar Drais founded S.A.F.E., which stands for Superheroes Are Found Everywhere.
They started asking the community for donations so they could order masks and hand sanitizers for organizations that help those in need.
Amy and Oscar made two large deliveries, one to the Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants. Oscar Drais says he came up with this slogan to remind people to help out during this time.
He wants to donate over 6,000 masks and hand sanitizer within the next year.
When asked who his favorite superhero was, Oscar Drais says police officers.