Westchester woman writes book to break misconceptions about Islam

A Westchester woman has written an in-depth analysis about Islam in an effort to break misconceptions about and provide an understanding of the religion.
A gathering was held inside the Grinton I. Will Library in Yonkers for the release of "Wise Up" by Daisy Khan.
The book comes as suspected terrorist Akayed Ullah faces federal charges that he intentionally detonated a homemade pipe bomb strapped to his body underneath the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. Ullah told officials in the criminal complaint that he did it in the name of the Islamic State group, claiming he was radicalized back in 2014.
Local Muslims say that's not what their religion is about.
"This young man who tried to do an attack yesterday in the subway in Port Authority probably thought he was going to become a hero because he knew he was going to get the coverage, and so we're urging the press to actually give more time and shed light on what the positive things that are going on in the community so people can balance out the good from the bad," says Khan.
The book will be made available to members of Congress and can also be bought online.
The book will also be donated to local schools and libraries as part of an educational campaign.
Khan says she hopes people will come away with a sense of empowerment and knowledge after reading the book.