Westchester, Hudson Valley Taco Bells order green onions off the menu

A recent outbreak of E. coli stemming from Taco Bells in the tri-state area prompted the fast-food chain to remove green onions from its recipes.
Some residents in Westchester and Hudson Valley are still eating at Taco Bell despite the fact that 46 people who ate at the restaurants in Long Island, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have gotten sick from the E. coli bacteria. Health inspectors stopped by a New Rochelle Taco Bell and the restaurant was given a clean bill of health. A manager there says business has been very slow since the E. coli scare.
Taco Bell pulled green onions, also known as scallions, from its recipes after preliminary tests linked them to the E. coli bacteria. However, health officials ask residents who have recently eaten at the restaurant to be aware of the symptoms of E. coli poisoning that include high fever, diarrhea and severe cramping. Officials say the symptoms could take up to eight days to appear.