Westchester, Hudson Valley Senate races heat up

With only 25 days until Election Day, the candidates of two very hotly contested Senate races are trying to make every second count.
Republican incumbent Nick Spano (R-Yonkers) got support Saturday from an unexpected group. ACORN, one the nation?s largest reform groups, brought out countless voters in 2004 for Spano?s challenger both then and now, Legislator Andrea Stewart-Cousins. The group is now supporting Spano, who members say is more likely to get important bills passed. While the group traditionally supports Democrats, Stewart-Cousins say she is not letting it get her down.
The Senate race pitting Republican incumbent Vincent Leibell (R-Patterson) against Democratic challenger Legislator Mike Kaplowitz also intensified. A coalition of law enforcement agencies publicly endorsed Leibell. Leibell criticized Kaplowitz, saying he never has attacked the issues. Kaplowitz shrugged off the criticism and fired back accusing Leibell of being incapable of bring true reform.