Westchester highlights resources to combat food insecurity

A consistent source of fresh, affordable food remains elusive to tens of thousands of Westchester residents who are considered food insecure.
To combat the ongoing issue, Westchester County highlighted the resources available to people in need in nearly every community across the county.
"We have been able to have consistent funding and consistent support so that people don't have to worry, 'Oh, that pantry that I rely on won't be there tomorrow,'" Westchester deputy operations director Emily Saltzman said.
Since 2018, the county has provided over $10 million in funding to programs that address food insecurity with more work still to be done.
This includes more than $1 million in grants to individual food pantries, soup kitchens and hunger relief organizations last year and an additional $1.4 million for these programs in the 2024 budget.
Advocates said the need for food spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and the demand never really tapered off. The biggest issue in 2024 is how much groceries cost.
Residents who need food support can call 211.