Westchester health commissioner offers helpful tips for those in self-quarantine

Westchester County Health Commissioner Dr. Sherlita Amler made an appeal to residents who encountered those infected by the coronavirus: Go home and stay there.
“By doing this, they are protecting everyone they know,” she said. “Their neighbors, friends, their family, everyone they care about.”
Coronavirus Prevention: What you can do to protect yourself
Dr. Amler believes about 1,000 people have been asked to self-quarantine. That figure is expected to rise in the coming days and weeks. She says it may be frustrating, but entirely necessary.
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Here are some tips for self-quarantining from health experts:
  • Stay in the house
  • Under no circumstance should there be visitors or anyone answering the door.
  • If you're self-quarantining with others, stay 6 feet away from them.
  • Consistently wash your hands and wash surfaces.
  • If you are the only one self-quarantining in your house, avoid direct contact with your family for 14 days.
Those who suspect they may have the coronavirus shouldn’t go to a hospital or emergency room. Health officials say they should call a physician and let them arrange for your care.