Westchester dad: Son did not accidentally shoot himself

A Westchester father whose 12-year-old son died of a gunshot wound last week says he doesn’t believe his son accidentally shot himself.
Nyran Plummer was found inside his third-floor apartment on Nepperhan Avenue in Yonkers with a gunshot wound to the head on Saturday night. Plummer died yesterday as a result of the wound.
Yonkers police say Plummer was home alone with a 1-year old baby. They believe he found a loaded gun and discharged two bullets, one hitting a window and the other hitting his head.
A criminal investigation has been launched after first responders found the illegal loaded .25-caliber pistol at the scene.
His father, Samuel Davis, who does not live with Plummer, tells News 12 he was denied access at the hospital to see his dying son, even after providing child support papers proving he is the father.           

He questions how all of this happened and wants justice for his son.

"We both know that Nyran is not going to shoot himself, kill himself, my son was not. He did not commit suicide. He did not accidentally shoot himself. We know that,” he says.