Westchester couple reacts to Bush's push for same-sex marriage ban

President Bush?s Capital Hill push to ban same-sex marriage is prompting one gay couple to grow more vocal about pushing back.
Area residents Robert Voorheis and Michael Sabatino have been a couple 28 years and were recently married in Canada. Sabatino says that President Bush's pledge to support a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage is not only wrong, but is being used to distract voters from more important issues.
Voorheis and Sabatino are watching closely as President Bush and conservatives introduce legislation that could lead to a constitutional amendment preventing gays from marrying. Calling marriage ?the most fundamental institution of civilization," Bush has singled out so-called activist judges, saying they have "left us no choice? but to seek an amendment to the constitution.
Though Voorheis is confident that the amendment will not be passed, he says the dialogue Bush is creating will only encourage people to judge gay couples.
The Senate is due to vote on the amendment Wednesday.