Westchester beaches reopen after bacteria scare

All eight beaches received the green light to resume operations.

News 12 Staff

Sep 1, 2023, 10:15 AM

Updated 318 days ago


Westchester County health officials have reopened eight beaches just in time for the unofficial final weekend of the summer.
They were closed this week because harmful bacteria levels exceeded state standards. Follow-up tests for six of them showed normal levels, allowing those beaches to open earlier today.
Playland and Surf Club beaches still had levels that were too high on Friday morning. They were retested and opened in the late afternoon.
Health authorities emphasize that variations in water bacteria levels are common and influenced by factors such as rainfall and tides. The recent closures are attributed to heavy rainfall and the discharge from storm drains.
According to Chris Ericson, Westchester County Deputy Health Commissioner, "Since we're getting these large downbursts -- it seems like, this summer, anyways -- and had a fairly wet summer, that these incidents have been greater."
Algae concerns have led to the closure of beaches around lakes in Northern Westchester County. Specifically, two beaches on Mohegan Lake and one on Lake Purdy are closed due to the presence of algae in the swimming areas.

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