Westchester bans wild and exotic animals from circuses

Wild and exotic animals have been banned from circuses in Westchester County.
Officials passed the anti-circus law, which also prohibits the use of certain tools and equipment used during rodeos. "These animals don't show up at circus offices looking for work. They don’t choose to live in cages. They are made to jump through hoops literally, often through the use of cruel, physically coercive techniques. In some cases, stressed animals have even broken free, endangering the public. With this legislation, Westchester finally will be joining the ranks of those states, counties, cities and countries who have acted to end the misuse of these creatures,” says Legislator Damon Maher, (D-Eastchester, New Rochelle, Tuckahoe).
The ban brings Westchester in line with the same law passed in New York City two years ago, as well as in New Jersey and several other venues across the country.
It was first proposed to Westchester officials back in 2005.