We're Open: American Premiere League English cricket franchise

The American Premiere League, America's first large-scale professional cricket league, gets underway in September.

News 12 Staff

Jun 16, 2021, 2:41 AM

Updated 1,130 days ago


Everyone knows about home runs, touchdowns and goals, but are you ready for googlys and lollys?
The American Premiere League will help introduce these terms when America's first large-scale professional cricket league gets underway in September.
Victoria Morgan, of White Plains, says she wants the U.S. to fall in love with cricket.
She's a player and one of the few women to own a sports franchise.
Morgan owns the "English" franchise.
What's unique about the league is that teams aren't linked to cities or regions, but countries.
The idea is to get as many people from those countries living in the U.S. to root for their home countries or try out to play on one of the teams. Hopefully, natural-born Americans will give it a try, too.
"It's historic and it's going to give Americans the opportunity to learn about cricket that they may have heard about and maybe haven't participated or known about before," says Morgan.

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