'We're all neighbors' - Westchester EMS agencies call on community members to volunteer

It's Emergency Medical Service Week, and Westchester EMS agencies are calling members of their communities to become volunteers.
Many of those who rush to a scene in the ambulance are doing so during their free time.
"When somebody calls 911, they expect that people are going to respond,” says First Lt. Jason Goldberg, of the Mount Kisco Volunteer Ambulance Corp. "Every one of these people volunteer their time 24/7, 365 to respond for their communities.”
However, EMS agencies say they are in desperate need of more volunteers.
"Just with all volunteer organizations we all need help, and this is the time,” says Second Lt. Norm Jen, Chappaqua Volunteer Ambulance Corp.
This is why ambulance services are putting out a call that anyone can step up and help.
"A lot of our folks are also husbands and wives, parents and professionals and have full-time jobs,” says Captain Allie Whalen, of the Katonah-Bedford Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps.
Jen adds, “We're all just neighbors, community members, and it doesn't take much to join, all you need to do is want to help."
Volunteers can wear many hats, such as being on the ambulance, a crew member, a driver or an EMT.
"It's not scary. We give all of the training that somebody needs,” Goldberg says. "We hope people in the communities will hear our call so that we can respond when they call.”
The EMS agencies say they also need help in other departments, such as finance, administrative and digital.