‘We will never get him back.’ Sisters seek justice after brother’s fatal stabbing

Family members told News 12 on Tuesday that they want justice for 22-year-old Brandon Almonte – the Yonkers man who was allegedly stabbed to death by a co-worker.
Nichelle and Francheska Nunez are heartbroken over losing their younger brother, 22-year-old Brandon Almonte. Police say he was stabbed outside his place of work by a co-worker on Monday afternoon.
The NYPD says they found a knife and the suspect, 53-year-old Jose Almodovar, on scene when they arrived. He was arrested and charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.
"We weren't given the opportunity to say goodbye. He took it away the opportunity from us, and we will never get him back," said Nichelle Nunez.
His sisters say Almonte was in his second week of work at the Riverdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership on Broadway where he took photos of cars used in advertisements, but dreamed of one day of becoming a commercial pilot.
"We were supposed to do the applications and everything together," Nunez said.
He is remembered by loved ones as a man who valued family.
"Somebody you always wanted in your corner, somebody that would do anything for you," Nichelle Nunez said.
The sisters are now left with many unanswered questions, including what would motivate a person to stab their brother. But one thing they know for sure, they want his alleged killer to face justice.
"We don’t want him to have what he took away from our brother – to live life, enjoy his freedom,” Nichelle Nunez said.
The sisters did say their mother previously worked at the car dealership and knew the suspect.
The NYPD has not named a motive in this case.