School Spirit Showdown: Washingtonville Central School District

The News 12 School Spirit Showdown is underway, and our first winning school generated thousands of votes from Orange County.
The Wizards of Washingtonville have plenty of pep, so much, they secured the first title of this season’s News 12 School Spirit Showdown. “Everyone steps up and helps each other out when they need help,” says senior Kevin Chait.
Chait says he's honored to attend Washingtonville Central School District, a place he says is made up of people who truly care about each other, including his teachers. “All the faculty, they really just support you through your high school career, they do everything they can, to help you out and it wouldn't be the same without them.”
Senior Jamie Cupertino agrees with Chait, saying that there is genuine care and appreciation for one another. She explains that Washingtonville has been through a lot, including the loss of a classmate last year, which helped bring the student body closer together. “We're just one big family, we really stick around and care for each other.”
Washingtonville racked in more than 29,000 votes. No school has even come close to achieving this School Spirit status.
Our next winner will be featured next week, and you can still vote for your favorite finalist here.