WalletHub: NY ranked as 4th most fun state, Yonkers ranks in top 180 for most fun city

Looking for some fun? A new report by WalletHub says you won't have to go far.
New York was ranked as the fourth "most fun" state in the U.S.
While it may not be a fun as California, Florida and Nevada, it came in first place for best performing arts - theaters per capita, No. 2 for best fitness centers per capita and No. 3 for best restaurants and movie theaters per capita.  It also came in fifth place as best golf courses and country clubs per capita. 
Our less fun neighbors in New Jersey and Connecticut neighbors came in at 31 and 43, respectively. 
WalletHub said it came up with these numbers by comparing entertainment and recreation, as well as nightlife, across the 50 states. It then evaluated those categories using 26 relevant metrics and came up with corresponding weights. 

It's worth mentioning that four places in New York appeared in the top 182 of WalletHub's most fun cities. Yonkers came in at 176.