Voters give thumbs down to East Ramapo Central School District budget

Residents within the East Ramapo Central School District have voted down the suggested 2022-2023 school budget.
The East Ramapo Central School District is now forced to use a contingency budget for next school year following Tuesday’s failed revote.
According to the district the totals were 2102 “No” and 1097 “Yes.”
“To the residents, the taxpayers and the parents who voted it down, I am upset because you were not able to do your research,” resident Ana Maeda told News 12. "You were not able to think about the kids you were hurting." Maeda voted in favor of the spending plan. 
In a statement, Superintendent Dr. Clarence Ellis said:
"By operation of law, the East Ramapo Central School District Board of Education will move to adopt its 2022-23 contingency budget. Our administration has worked thoughtfully to craft a contingency spending plan that preserves as many core academic programs and supports as possible."
There is no word yet on what cuts would be made.
An official with the New York State Education Department gave News 12 this statement:
“The Board of Regents and the Department believe that all children of East Ramapo should receive the education they deserve to help prepare them for success in life. The State Monitors continue to work with the District and the School Board, to improve financial stability; provide equitable access to Social Emotional Learning-based supports and rigorous academic programs and opportunities, and increased outcomes for students. While the defeat of the budget is disappointing, the District Monitors are committed to working with the entire community to forge a long-range plan for success for all students in the district.”