Volunteers clean up Mamaroneck community center destroyed by Ida

Volunteers are picking up the pieces after Ida caused major damage in Mamaroneck.
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The Community Resource Center was destroyed by floodwaters that nearly consumed the entire building.
"At least 12 feet of water," says Jirandy Martinez, the executive director of the center. "The mold is an issue, now we cannot return to these offices for at least 6 months."
With nearly everything destroyed, the center spent Sunday hauling out debris with volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God.
"Their whole life has been destroyed, pretty much everything they worked for by all this water," says volunteer Kimberly Gonzalez.
The church had over 300 volunteers working to throw out debris that the village hauled away.
"The village has brought in three separate dump trucks that they are filling up to haul out the trash. By midday Sunday, they tell me they've already hauled away 30 truckloads and barely made a dent,” Gonzalez says.
Crews anticipate that it could take until the end of the month to complete the clean up.
The Spanish Central Mount Vernon church also helped to bring in in donations for families on Sunday.
"We are blessed compared to other people that lost everything," says Adly Barrios, of the church. "This is for them, so they can get back on their feet.”