Victims' families mark 40th anniversary of Brinks robbery amid news of driver's possible parole

It was an emotional day for generations of Rockland County families and first responders.
Wednesday marked the 40th anniversary of the Brinks robbery, along with the news that one of the people involved in the deadly attack may be released from prison this week.
A parole hearing is scheduled this week for the getaway driver in the 1981 Brinks truck robbery in Rockland.
David Gilbert, who is 76 now, was granted clemency by Gov. Andrew Cuomo during his final days in office, allowing Gilbert to go before the Parole Board.
Two Nyack police officers, Waverly Brown and Edward O'Grady, and Brinks truck guard Peter Paige were killed by a group of self-proclaimed revolutionaries who stole $1.6 million from the Brinks car outside Nanuet National Bank.
While Gilbert's supporters argue he did not kill anyone and is a changed man, the victims' families want him to stay behind bars and wish the others who've walked free were too.