Valhalla's Ronald McDonald House unveils renovated rooms with goal to give patients peace of mind

The Ronald McDonald House in Valhalla has a brand-new look after all of its 12 rooms went through a unique renovation.
Ronald McDonald House provides a place for parents of young long-term hospital patients to stay in.
"I wanted it to be a serene space and really make it look at lot different than what was there," says designer Christine Ortiz.
Now when the residents walk through the doors of the Ronald McDonald House, they'll have a brand-new experience. It's thanks to the designers behind every room that it's making it all possible.
"It's a mid-century modern interpretation of the Secret Garden," designer Tamy Bolden explains.
For some, designing the rooms went much deeper.
"Some of my best memories were walking to the candy store with my grandfather," says designer Lori Miller who designed the two laundry rooms in the building. She says she also dug back into her past for inspiration.
"Maybe age 2 or 3 'til about age 8 or 9 in the hospital, so it was easy for me to go back and say what did I want," Miller says.
For Monica Stoller, who saw her sister experience long stays while her late niece was in the hospital, she envisioned her rooms, the patio and serenity rooms, as places to find Zen in the chaos she too witnessed firsthand.
"To have a space where they can just go and take a deep breath and relax," Stoller says.
They say that they just want to bring residents what they truly deserve.
"I want them to feel like they've gotten a hug when they stay in my room," Bolden says.
Their residents have been staying at a hotel nearby while renovations took place. They'll move back next week to see their new rooms for the very first time.