Unvaccinated students return to Green Meadow Waldorf School as ban is lifted

It's back to school for 45 students who hadn't been allowed into Green Meadow Waldorf School in Chestnut Ridge since December.
Rockland County had declared a state of emergency order that banned kids under the age of 18 who were not vaccinated against the measles from being in public places.  A judge ruled against the order Friday, and lifted the ban.
While the school says it hasn’t been involved in any lawsuits, attorney Michael Sussman says he is representing some of the students’ parents in a lawsuit against the county and that they are the ones who took the county to court last week challenging the state of emergency.
Officials at Green Meadow Waldorf School say they have been complying with all county and state directives, and say there have been no cases of the measles throughout the outbreak.
They say their high school now has a vaccination rate above 95%. Their lower schools and early childhood programs are at about 83%.
Vicki Larson, who spoke to News 12 on behalf of the school by phone, says the school doesn't take a position on vaccinations.
“We've been waiting for it to be legally possible for them to come back, so we are happy to be one community again,” says Larson.
Larson says they have been providing tutoring and livestreaming some classes. She says there are a handful of students who left for other schools.
Rockland County Executive Ed Day's office said in a statement that while some may believe the judge's order means all students can return to school, the county feels that the health commissioner's order from December still stands. Day says the county attorney has sent a letter asking the judge to acknowledge that.