Ulster County welcomes Sojourner Truth statue

A statue of the famed abolitionist and suffragette Sojourner Truth was unveiled in Highland today.
The sculpture is located on the Highland side of the Walkway over the Hudson.
Truth’s sixth-generation grandson attended the unveiling and drove 11 hours from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to witness.
“I’m just going to try to make her proud as a grandson, try to continue her legacy,” says Cory Mcliechey. “Support all women. Uplift women and do what's right for society."
Truth was an Ulster County native born in 1797.
The statue was made by Yonkers-based artist Vinnie Bagwell. 
Bagwell tells News 12 it feels wonderful to permanently have Truth’s statue in the county she was born in, saying in part, “I feel like I’m serving a very important purpose by putting art in public places that represent people of color. It helps balance the narrative about history.”
The 1,000-pound, 7-foot tall statue is part of the state's effort to commemorate the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote.
“To know just like they did 100 years ago, 150 years ago, we can be just as brave and just as audacious and demand change that Is long overdue,” says Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul.