Turn to Tara: How to snag a discount after paying full price for an item

You've been wanting something for a while, you finally pull the trigger and buy it, then the next day you see that it's on sale for 10%, 15%, 20% off.
Samantha Gordon from Consumer Reports says there are plenty of ways to land partial refunds, even after you've paid full price for an item!
The first step is to reach out to customer service. A number of big retailers like Target, Best Buy, and Buy Buy Baby, already have partial refund policies in place.
Gordon says you'll just want to make sure you reach out within the store's specified time frame of an item going on sale, which is typically two weeks.
But if you don't really get anywhere with customer service, you can reach out to your credit card company.
"A lot of credit cards have policies for this as well. And they might be able to refund you the difference directly rather than going through the retailer. And those policies can be anywhere from 90 to 120 days so you have a lot bigger of a window of time," Gordon says.
After you've exhausted both of those tactics - you have one more option!
"And that is simply to return the product, and buy it again at the sale price," Gordon says. "That can be a bit of a hassle especially if it's a larger item, if you bought a couch or a large appliance, to get it back to the store and back again. So smaller items that are easier to ship back that can be a lot easier."
One way you might be able to avoid all of that, is to call customer service and tell them you're going to make the return if you're not issued a partial refund, and buy the item all over again. Gordon says more often than not they'll issue the refund to save the shipping costs for themselves.
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