Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll surrenders unlicensed firearm to Warwick police

Carroll was spotted Tuesday outside her home with two dogs but declined to comment.

Blaise Gomez

Apr 16, 2024, 9:31 PM

Updated 37 days ago


Donald Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll surrendered an unlicensed firearm she had in her Warwick home after testifying to having the weapon during the second defamation trial against the former president.
The 80-year-old famous columnist testified during the federal civil trial in Manhattan that she’s afraid for her safety since accusing Trump of rape and successfully suing him for defamation.
So much so, that Carroll said on the stand in January that she keeps her father’s gun by her bedside for safety and purchased bullets.
The problem is that Carroll, who lives in Warwick, doesn’t have a pistol permit, according to Orange County District Attorney Dave Hoovler.
Hoovler says Warwick Police Chief John Rader went to Carroll’s home himself in February after her testimony alerted officials to the situation to take the gun for safe keeping and that Carroll voluntarily surrendered it with her attorney the next day.
News 12 requested a copy of the incident report by email and in person but didn’t receive a response from town officials or Radar.
Carroll was spotted Tuesday outside her home with two dogs but declined to comment.
Hoovler says the Warwick police chief consulted with his office about the case and “excercised police discretion” by not charging Carroll for having an unlicensed firearm.
The official says dozens of unlicensed firearms are similarly surrendered by people in the county each year and that in Carroll’s case, the weapon was not stolen or used in a crime.
Trump was originally ordered to pay Carroll $5 million in damages for defamation and sexual abuse in 2023, and was ordered to pay $83.3 million in damages in the second defamation case that ended earlier this year. He has filed an appeal and posted a $91.6 million bond.
Carroll said on the stand that she’s received death threats and pays for security whenever possible.
Hoovler says Carroll plans to apply for her pistol permit to get the firearm back.
News 12 was unable to confirm if she’s put an application in with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and left a message for her attorney for comment.

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