11 tips for buying school uniforms and where to find deals

If you're looking for tips for buying a new school uniform, we've got you covered!

Sandrina Rodrigues

Sep 1, 2023, 8:30 AM

Updated 321 days ago


If you're looking for tips for buying a new school uniform, we've got you covered!
The tips below will help your children look sharp day after day:
1. Buy trousers with reinforced knees. The reinforced inner patch on the knee makes trousers resilient against wear and tear.
2. Look for crease-resistant pinafore and skirts, so you'll have to iron less. It will save loads of time and energy.
3. Buy stain-resistant shirts.
4. Go for scuff resistant shoes as they tend to stay neat and tidy for longer.
5. Girls' tights shrink after a few washes, consider getting a bigger size.
6. Go for dark colored socks instead of white socks.
7. Label all the clothes.
8. How many of each item should you buy? Here's a checklist from Land's End.
9. Kids grow fast! Buy as large a size as you can without your child absolutely swimming in the school uniform. If you find a good deal on shoes, buy the next size up too.
10. Alter and mend school uniforms yourself, or ask someone. Even simple fixes like moving buttons can stretch the life of a uniform.
11. Many schools have an official uniform store, but schools vary as to how insistent they are that parents shop in these stores. If your school allows it, items like girls' blouses and boys' pants can almost always be found cheaper outside the uniform store.
Looking for deals? Here are some places to try:
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