This on-sale app will convert your news into a podcast

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If you wake up everyday feeling overwhelmed by the barrage of messages, documents, and emails you have to read throughout the day to stay caught up with current events, personal life, and your professional sphere, we don't blame you. There's a lot to keep up with on a daily basis, no matter the life you lead. Luckily there's a solution that maximizes your precious time without breaking the bank. 
With the Elocance Audio Reading App: Lifetime Subscription, your phone can become a treasure trove of information, and not a source of anxiety. Elocance is an audio reading app which turns any type of content on your phone into a digestible podcast. It also just so happens to be on sale right now. 
Here's how it works: if you have an article you've been meaning to read all week, and email you need to get to, or a presentation to memorize, you can turn them all into a playlist and listen to it on your commute home, daily walk, or while you make your morning coffee, saving you time whenever you need it. 
You really can listen to anything with Elocance: articles, PDFs, newsletters, emails, and more. This way you can actually take your eyes away from your phone for a little time each day and focus on friends, family, or yourself. You can even tailor the way the audio sounds, adjust HD levels, change the accent of the voice, and more. Plus, this lifetime subscription to Elocance includes access to many popular newsletters within the app. 
The Elocance Audio Reading App: Lifetime Subscription normally costs $434, but for a limited time, you can get it for only $34.99, which is over 90% off. 
Price subject to change.