Thieves steal catalytic converters from nearly a dozen trucks in Westchester overnight

Thieves stole valuable car parts off of more than a dozen vehicles in Westchester overnight, according to authorities.
Greenburgh police confirm multiple vehicles were hit at two locations in the town. Elmsford police confirm three locations were hit in their jurisdiction.
Glen Preiser, owner of Glen’s Towing, says distribution companies located on Warehouse Lane in Elmsford were among those targeted. He says the thieves took catalytic converters, which contain precious metals that are highly valuable right now. It's a huge hit for companies that were targeted because the parts are expensive to replace.
In fact, eight of the trucks that were hit overnight were brought to Preiser's business for repairs. Preiser says catalytic converters are on back order and can cost $2,000 to $4,000 to replace.
News 12 is told that Greenburgh police are investigating the rash of thefts. News 12 is also hearing from other police departments that this is an ongoing problem across the region where thieves, in the cover of night, steal multiple catalytic converters and then sell them to scrap yards. Elmsford police tell News 12 that 10 trucks at a nearby distribution company were hit a few months ago.
Experts say to reduce the risk of this theft, people should:
-Park in a garage or a well-lit area
-Set up cameras
-Install motion sensor security lights, which may make some thieves think twice
"A lot of these guys were shut down during COVID-19, were not able to work at all or finally starting to work again," says Preiser.