Thief steals barbecue in Yonkers, returns it an hour later

Remy Athacou says his backyard cameras captured something out of the ordinary when they filmed a thief making off with his grill.

News 12 Staff

May 31, 2019, 12:22 AM

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A Yonkers homeowner spotted some unusual activity on his backyard cameras when he noticed a thief making off with his barbecue.
Remy Athacou says while he was warming his car up Thursday in his driveway he noticed his grill seemed out of place.
"I saidz, 'OK who moved my grill?'" says Athacou.
So he sifted through his surveillance video when something from May 24 caught his eye. Shortly after 10 p.m. the barbecue bandit is seen on the footage. A few minutes later he returns, unhooks the propane tank and wheels away the barbecue all while Athacou and his family were asleep.
"Then he brought it back an hour and a half later," says Athacou.
Athacou thinks the bandit may have tried to sell the grill, but couldn't find anyone at night so he returned it. Athacou inspected the grill and says it wasn't used.
"I think I can say thank you for bringing my grill back," says Athacou.
He says if the bandit decides to return he'll be watching.

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