‘These dogs were basically feral.’ SPCA asks for help after rescue of dozens of dogs

A group of 57 miniature Doberman pinschers is now in the care of the Hudson Valley SPCA after they were rescued last week from a breeder who allegedly kept them in deplorable conditions. 
The dogs were removed by state police and SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Friday from a home on Greenville Turnpike in Middletown during a search and seizure warrant. 
Now, a little love and care is life changing for the animals. 
“These dogs were basically feral,” said SPCA President Joan Kay. “They have not had any human interaction. They hadn’t been loved or hugged.” 
Rescuers say the dogs were infested with fleas and ticks and suffering from a host of medical conditions that they’re now being treated for. 
“Donations now are desperately needed,” said Kay. 
SPCA officials say donations are needed to help pay veterinary expenses and provide care. 
The dogs are the third rescue case involving multiple animals in the last three weeks.
In addition to donations, they’re asking for experienced foster parents for the pups and looking for forever homes through their website.  
“It’s amazing already that we can see some light, some curiosity, some interest,” said Kay. “We know they’ll be OK, but we will need some help.” 
Authorities charged the dogs’ owner, Paul Poznerowiscz, with 57 counts of animal neglect after they discovered two dead dogs in his freezer and removed the rest from his care. 
If you’d like to help the dogs in any way visit the Hudson Valley SPCA’s website