The Real Deal: Ways to save cash at the supermarket

A new report shows a rise in Consumer Price Index, up 9.1% year over the year for the month of June. Gasoline prices are up 60.7%, new cars up 16.4%, even cereal and bakery prices are up 16%.
Financial expert Stefanie O'Connel Rodriguez has a few tricks to save money. Before hosting a show about money called Money Confidential, she couponed herself in New York.
"I got into all these different ways of saving. If you can find the right combination of ways to like stack all of the different coupons and cashback rewards, you can actually find yourself in a position where you are getting money back," says Rodriguez.
Her number one step to save is looking at grocery store receipts.
"You really need to have a plan with the actual prices as they are now, not what they were six months ago," says Rodriguez.
Another tip is to look at what is costing a lot and maybe finding an alternative.
"Compare unit prices on items. So instead of just saying this is $5.99 versus $6.99, well that might not be the cheaper one, might not be a better deal if you are getting less of the product in the packaging," she says.
Although it takes some plotting, you can save big.
"If it's really the difference between spending an extra five minutes on creating my grocery shopping list to save $100 a month, that is a pretty good use of my time," Rodriguez describes.