'The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain' to premiere at Austin Film Festival

A movie about the retired White Plains Marine who was killed by police is set to make its debut.
The frantic confrontation that resulted in the killing of a White Plains man in his home by a police officer in 2011 is recreated in a new movie called "The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain." The movie is set to premiere later this month at the Austin Film Festival.
"We really wanted to make sure that the film was an honest representation of what happened, but also an honest representation of an issue that is wider than just White Plains," says David Midell, director of the movie.
Chamberlain was Tasered and fatally shot nearly eight years ago after accidentally triggering his medical alert system. Responding officers broke down Chamberlain's apartment door, when they say he lunged at them with a knife. The chaos was captured on an officer's body camera.
Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. has been fighting for justice for his father ever since his death. He served as an adviser on the movie
"A couple of times it was so overwhelming I actually had to walk off the set because it was bringing those memories back," says Chamberlain Jr.
Chamberlain Jr. says he doesn't think the police or city officials in White Plains will be too happy with the movie, but he hopes it starts a conversation about issues that should be addressed, including how officers deal with people with mental health issues.
Chamberlain Sr. reportedly suffered from bipolar disorder.