The Download: Loftie

Getting a good night's rest is more important than ever now. But it's thought that keeping your smartphone near your bed for use as an alarm can contribute to poor sleep habits.
News 12's gadget guru Andrew Ehinger shows us one alarm clock that doesn't need a smartphone to work, and can help you get to sleep.
The Loftie is an advanced alarm clock that may not look like much, but it's all about "tech-life" balance. It's meant to have the functionally of a smartphone, without the distracting screen or alerts.
Aside from having multiple alarms that are designed to wake you up gently, it has several ways to help you relax. Things like soothing play lists, sound baths and breath work exercises, all at the touch of a button or controllable through the Loftie app. There's also a night light which can turn on to remind you to start thinking about heading to bed.
The Loftie is available for $165.