The Download: Led Zeppelin - Stern Pinball

Hard core gamers may say the best video games are on a PC, XBox or Playstation. But some gamers are looking for something a little more analog.
News 12's gadget guru Andrew Ehinger shows us an old school solution, with a modern rock n' roll twist in The Download!
Led Zeppelin is putting all of its rock n' roll power into pinball!
Jack Danger is the global ambassador for Stern Pinball - which is launching its first Led Zeppelin themed pro grade pinball game. He says Stern worked hand in hand with the band to get the game and feel just right.
The game has the latest in pinball tech, from video screens playing concert footage, to multiple challenges and a light show.
The Led Zeppelin pinball game runs from $6,000 to $9,000 depending on the features.