The Download: iHome clocks

Bedside alarm clocks may not seem high-tech, but think again. News 12's gadget guru Andrew Ehinger found some that will keep you safe from viruses and keep your mobile devices charged up.
The iHome Power UVC Pro is a small electronic sanitizer for your smartphone that's built into an alarm clock with a Bluetooth speaker. Place it by your bedside and then you can put your smartphone inside. There's even a USB charging port if you need it. Twelve powerful Ultraviolet-C lamps inside zap bacteria and viruses on your phone or other small device - even a face mask. It’s safe for just about all electronics and sanitizes in 180 seconds.
The iHome TimeBoost clock won't sanitize your phone, but it will keep it close at hand - and charges up quickly with up to 10 watts of wireless power. The TimeBoost builds on iHome's experience of small electronics and clocks but adds in the powerful Qi charging that most newer mobile devices accept. It also can charge a second device with a USB cord if needed and looks great just about anywhere.
The iHome alarm clocks are both around $80.