The Download: High-tech solutions to keep your deliveries safe

Is package theft a problem in your neighborhood? Do you worry about deliveries getting stolen right off your porch?
News 12's gadget guru Andrew Ehinger shows us a couple high-tech solutions that could keep your mail safe - in The Download!
The pandemic has forced a dramatic increase in online ordering and delivery. It' also created a temptation for crooks. Security cameras can help - but they won't always stop a thief from taking your packages. But there is something that can stop them in their tracks.
Yale has made locks for decades, and now it has a smart delivery box for your porch. The box is app-controlled and locks automatically when a delivery is made. It also can be unlocked with a code given to a delivery person. The rugged box even has an optional liner to keep things like food deliveries at the right temperature. The Yale Smart Delivery Box starts at $230.
If you already have some sort of lockable box, the Smart Padlock from Igloohome can easily make it smart. The smart padlock doesn't need Wi-Fi. It uses bank-level encryption with the codes already built in to the lock allowing the owner to give a secure one-time, unlimited, or even timed code to anyone without an internet or Bluetooth connection. The Igloohome smart padlock is $110.