Temps dip to mid-50s overnight; tracking weekend rain showers

New Jersey is expected to see cooler but dry weather to end the workweek.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Dave Curren is tracking potential rainstorms for the weekend. The storms are related to Hurricane Ian, which made landfall in Florida Wednesday afternoon. But the storms are not expected to bring any major flooding or winds to the Garden State.
OVERNIGHT: Cloudy skies in the evening give way to partly cloudy skies overnight. Lows around 54 degrees.
THURSDAY: Generally sunny skies, with some afternoon clouds. Daytime highs around 68 degrees. Overnight lows will be around 53.
FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy skies, with some rain possible. Daytime highs around 66. Some clouds overnight, with lows dipping to the low-50s and upper-40s.
SATURDAY: Some rain expected – particularly in the southern section of the state. Daytime highs around 64 degrees. Overnight lows around 55.
SUNDAY: Some more rain possible. Daytime highs around 66 with overnight lows around 56.
MONDAY: More clouds expected with daytime highs around 63. Overnight lows around 50.