Teen raises money for Crohn's research with assist from NBA's Larry Nance Jr.

A local teen is raising money for Crohn's disease research – with an assist from a popular basketball player.
Noah Weber, of Scarsdale High School, says he was about 11 years old when he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.
Weber had been losing weight, wasn't growing and was very fatigued. He was forced to step off the basketball court and sit on the sidelines. His life rebounded in the last four years after a simple message on Instagram.
Weber reached out to NBA star Larry Nance Jr,. of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who also has Crohn's.
Weeks later, he got a surprise phone call from Nance Jr. He then met Nance Jr. when he played the Nets, and they became friends and partners.
"I was interested in maybe you know, starting a foundation or getting involved in some kind of charity work involving Crohn's disease, and him and his family concocted this idea of athletes vs. Crohn's," says Nance Jr.
Athletes vs. Crohn's is now the name of their nonprofit.

Weber says they have raised $300,000 for research and created mentorship programs for high school athletes with Crohn's or colitis.