Tasty Tuesday: The perfect grilled cheese

Learn to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich!
News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen and Elisa DiStefano got help from Anthony Leis from AJ's Grilled Cheese in Bay Shore.
Some quick tips for the perfect grilled cheese below:
1. Use mayo as a spread on the cooked side of the bread before grilling to give it an extra crisp and flavor! 
2. Sourdough bread seems to be a great option when making a grilled cheese! It is flavorful and also dense so it holds up well when adding in toppings!
3. Get creative with it , a simple grilled cheese is a classic but adding in different meats and cheeses really makes grilled cheese creations endless, cheesy, and delicious! 
This is an example of AJ's Grilled Cheese in Bay Shore.