Go to the edge of space or get a taste of France on this Road Trip: Close to Home

Secure your headset and join us as we take a Road Trip: Close to Home to the edge of space!
The Edge VR in Croton is a new experience that makes your trip to the stars a little more accessible through virtual reality.
"What we try to do is elicit that very visceral emotion that you get when you're inside of here that connects you with the virtual world,” says owner Adam Anfiteatro.
Strap in, gear up and pick your favorite avatar because you’re about to take an extreme adventure with your friends.
In fact, it’s the only magnetically tracked full-body virtual reality system. It’ll give you an out-of-this-world experience that'll keep you coming back to explore more.
With your feet back on the ground there is always good road trip eats in Pleasantville.
Jean-Jaques Culinary Creations is a local staple that's been around for 20 years with a large selection of warm meals to choose from including authentic French quiches and desserts.
Everything is handmade fresh daily just for you to enjoy a taste of France right in your backyard.