Tainted food suspected in dogs' deaths

Lab experts in Albany announced Friday that rat poison was found in the recalled pet food that has caused dogs and cats to die of kidney failure. This comes on the heels of pet owners in Westchester and Hudson Valley who claim their dogs died from the tainted food.
Pet owners are concerned about the Menu Foods recall because it includes more than 48 brands of cat and dog foods. Veterinarians have been inundated with phone calls and visits from concerned pet owners.
Melissa Acocella, of Port Chester, says her 12-year-old Boston terrier, Kenzo, died of kidney failure the day after Christmas after eating a brand of the recalled food. A couple from Chester, meanwhile, says their dog who died last week is also a victim of the Menu Foods pet recall.
The company has only attributed the deaths of 15 cats and one dog to the recalled food. However, experts say that number is very low for the amount of food recalled.
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