Sweet treats and sizzling seafood eateries set up shop in Pleasantville

Shoppers will find sweet treats and much more in Downtown Pleasantville as more eateries are setting up shop in the village.
Business has been booming at the Pleasantville Taco Project on Bedford Road ever since it opened just before Valentine's Day in February.
Owners were initially skeptical about opening during a pandemic - but not anymore.
"I think our takeout and online ordering, we have a bunch of third-party systems that we use. I think we're pretty much pandemic proof at this point," says Steven Silverman, manager of the Pleasantville Taco Project.
Things are also sizzling over at Seafood Market Grill on Wheeler Avenue.
That business opened just a week ago.
Just down from the grill is the Soul Brewing Company.
It recently reopened after first opening last March when it was forced to shut down because of coronavirus.
The village of Pleasantville is only about one square mile, and News 12 is told that the fact that it is so walkable and so accessible is one of the reasons why so many businesses are attracted to this community.
"When you are in the main part of Downtown Pleasantville, you park your car once and you can do all your shopping," says Bill Fooks, of the Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce.
The Chamber of Commerce says businesses are also coming in because people are staying home and shopping local.
A popular Mount Vernon-based bakery will also soon open a new location in Downtown Pleasantville.