Surveillance video shows shooters park U-Haul, point guns, and storm Jersey City supermarket

Surveillance video out of Jersey City Tuesday shows two shooters, later identified as Francine Graham and David Anderson, coming out of a stolen U-Haul they parked across from JC Kosher Supermarket on Martin Luther King Drive, and pointing their guns at people outside the supermarket before storming in.
Three people inside the store were killed immediately. The gunmen were killed after a long shootout with police.
The three victims at the store have been identified as customer Moshe Deutsch, store co-owner Mindel Ferencz, and Miguel Douglas, who worked at the market. Deutch and Ferencz both lived in Brooklyn. Their funerals were held Wednesday night with thousands of mourners in the streets.
Jersey City police Detective Joseph Seals was the first victim. He was shot and killed by the suspects at the Bayview Cemetery about a mile away. Jersey City's police director suggested to News 12 that Detective Seals may have been watching Graham and Anderson, as they were prime suspects in a recent murder in Bayonne.
Graham and David were later shot and killed inside the grocery store after a long and intense gun battle with police. According to Jersey City leaders and some investigators, the shooters were motivated by hate. A law enforcement official tells The Associated Press the two killers had apparently been followers of the Black Hebrew Israelites, a fringe group whose members have been known to rail against white people and Jews. One of the attackers also had made anti-Semitic posts online. The official was not authorized to discuss the case publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. 
Police have since finished collecting evidence at the scene.
The FBI has confirmed that the U-Haul the shooters drove to the store was stolen, and inside was a pipe bomb.
"It was examined, and it’s now down at the FBI lab,” says Gregory Ehrie, special agent in charge, FBI Newark. “It was a viable device, meaning it could be a device that would've exploded. It was a gain of a pipe bomb design, not complicated, but sophisticated in the sense that time and effort went into creating it"

Ehrie says other items were found, but he would not comment on what.
The attorney general's office is leading the investigation, as it does with any death involving a police officer.
Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop says the community could see more police in the coming days.
There are also increased police presence in Lakewood, which has a high Jewish population -- and in parts of New York City as well.
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