Officials: Sparks from CSX train to blame for Rockland County brush fires

The fires started around 2 p.m., and it spread from Stony Point to Haverstraw and Congers along the railroad lines.

Lee Danuff

Apr 14, 2023, 7:25 PM

Updated 437 days ago


A brush fire broke out along the railroad tracks in Stony Point on Friday.
Stony Point Town Supervisor Jim Monaghan says a southbound CSX train caused several fires along the tracks.
He said the fires started around 2 p.m., and that they spread from Stony Point to Haverstraw and Congers along the railroad lines.
The Rockland County Sheriff's Office said that the train was traveling through the Town of Clarkstown, Stony Point, Haverstraw, the Village of Haverstraw and the Village of West Haverstraw when the fires began.
It appears to have caused sparks to fly along the route through these municipalities, creating dozens of brush fires.
Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann says the fire has been largely contained, although there are hot spots.
He says CSX and O& R are doing inspections along the tracks.
No major injuries were reported. Hoehmann said several firefighters suffered from heat exhaustion.
Very little structural damage has been reported. Supervisor Hoehmann said a shed and front porch of a house was damaged and several houses had PVC fences that melted.
CSX said after hearing from police, they inspected a train in the area and reported no issues. They said they will continue to work with officials.
About 100 homes were evacuated.
As of 10 p.m., crews were still fighting hot spots.

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