Yonkers proposes $1.24 billion budget, may need to cut 189 school employees

Nearly 200 jobs are being eliminated in the Yonkers School District.

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Apr 24, 2020, 12:19 AM

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Nearly 200 jobs are being eliminated in the Yonkers School District under the city’s new budget proposal.
Unlike many other communities in Westchester, the Yonkers school budget is tied in with the city budget, and even though the city is getting $12 million in school aid from the state, city and school officials say they're still falling short by millions.
Yonkers city officials say they, along with everyone else, are facing many uncertainties with the global coronavirus pandemic.
But Mayor Mike Spano says this year's $1.24 billion budget preserves city services and positions, and continues to fully support the schools.
It also comes with a proposed 2.8% increase in property tax which stays within the state mandated tax cap.
As part of the proposed budget, the schools get $267.6 million which city officials say is the largest contribution provided by an administration to date.
But school officials say even with that amount there is still a shortfall of about $22 million in the board of education budget. Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada tells News 12 that one way to close the gap is to eliminate at least 189 positions from the district.
Mayor Spano's proposed budget plan now goes to the city council for its review. Four votes on the city council are required to approve the budget.
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