Superintendent: 3 suspects break into multiple mailboxes in Mount Vernon building

Three suspects were seen breaking into multiple mailboxes in a Mount Vernon building.
Building superintendent Vince Force told News 12 three suspects buzzed their way into the building and went straight for the mailboxes. They were able to open them and take all the mail that they could find.
Force, who has been a superintendent on Rich Avenue in Mount Vernon for 26 years, says this is the first time he's seen something like this in his building. He says neighbors need to be vigilant about who they let into the building. He says residents should not buzz people in if they aren't expecting anyone.
"They'll be in this lobby area for a few minutes, in and out the door waiting for someone to come in, open it up, and when they’re unsuccessful with that, they're going to ring a series of bells over here,” Force said.
Force added he saw the assailants saw go to the second mailbox area for the first while reviewing surveillance video with the News 12 crew.
"We backtracked the camera and that's when we noticed that they came back up into the main lobby went over to the A side,” he said. “And they rummaged through the mailboxes over there as well.
Force called Mount Vernon Police who showed up right away and was also told this is a federal investigation since it involves the postal service.
Anyone with information about the three suspects is asked to call police.