Frost advisory issued through 9 a.m. Wednesday for parts of Hudson Valley

Storm Team Meteorologist Krystal says a frost advisory is in effect overnight through 9 a.m. for parts of Orange, Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess and Ulster counties.

News 12 Staff

Oct 18, 2022, 11:10 AM

Updated 589 days ago


  Storm Team Meteorologist Krystal Ellis says a freeze warning has been issued overnight through 9 a.m. for Orange County. Ellis says a frost advisory is in effect overnight through 9 a.m. for parts of Orange, Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess and Ulster counties.   
WHAT'S NEW: Patchy frost overnight and in the early morning for the next few days.
WHAT'S NEXT: A dry stretch is in place for the next several days with a brief cold snap lasting through midweek. Temperatures remain unseasonably chilly through Thursday. Highs start to moderate on Friday before warming up to the mid-60’s for the weekend. Mainly sunny skies Saturday with a mild mix of sun and clouds for the first half of Sunday. By Sunday night clouds increase along with the chance for some rain showers to sneak in from a coastal low nearby.
WEDNESDAY:  Areas of patchy frost early. Mostly sunny, chilly and breezy in the afternoon with highs near 54 degrees. Light southwesterly winds increasing to 10-25 mph toward the afternoon. More passing clouds in the afternoon as well. Lows near 39 degrees. 
THURSDAY:  Early morning patchy frost around, mainly north. Sunny, breezy and chilly with high temps still below average near 56 degrees. Lows near 40 degrees. 
FRIDAY: Mostly sunny and pleasant with highs near 60 degrees. Lows near 44 degrees. 
SATURDAY: Mostly sunny and nice with mild highs near 66 degrees. Lows near 48 degrees. 
SUNDAY: Partly cloudy, mild, and not too bad! Clouds increasing in the late afternoon along with our chances for some rain showers at night. Highs near 67 degrees. Lows near 50 degrees. 

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