Suffern mom shows kids 'it's never too late' after completing her doctorate

Suffern's Krista Quinn received her doctorate in higher education from Manhattanville University.

Jonathan Gordon

May 10, 2024, 12:26 AM

Updated 8 days ago


There's no feeling quite like the one when a graduate walks across the stage during commencement - and everyone's path there is unique.
On Thursday evening, Suffern's Krista Quinn received her doctorate in higher education from Manhattanville University.
"All of the hard work and the years of sacrifice; my family, my friends, everyone supporting me, so it's overwhelming in the best way," Quinn said.
Like many graduates, her journey didn't begin at the school she got her degree from.
About three years ago, the mother of two began her work toward a doctorate at New Jersey City University but the school abruptly shuttered the program two years into her research.
"That was like a punch to the gut," Quinn said. "It was completely unexpected and I really didn't know what I was going to do."
Faculty at Manhattanville University got wind and connected with Quinn and nearly a dozen others in her same situation. Manhattanville was able to help transfer Quinn's research and provide financial aid to offset what she had already invested in her higher education.
"It was pure joy," Quinn said. "Manhattanville has been wonderful and welcoming and supportive of us on our journeys and coming here feels like it was meant to be."
The university's new President Dr. Frank Sánchez said part of the school's core mission is to help any student finish their degree whether or not they started at Manhattanville.
"There are some studies out there that show many of those students don't complete their degree, and so Manhattanville is very happy to help those students make that transition," Sánchez said.
It was a full circle moment just before Mother's Day that the mother of two would complete this journey to show her kids sitting in the front row, cheering her name, that it's never too late to follow your dreams.
"I'm so proud to show my kids that you can do anything at any point in your life," she said. "You're never too old."

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