Suffern hospital offers new 3-D imaging technology for patients

<p>A Rockland County hospital is now offering new technology that can help patients across Hudson Valley more effectively.</p>

News 12 Staff

Feb 22, 2018, 8:08 PM

Updated 2,341 days ago


A Rockland County hospital is now offering a new technology that it says may help save the lives of patients.
Last month, Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern installed the first ever 3-D technology imaging machine in the area, known as a Philips Azurion.
The new machine allows doctors to look at patient's arteries and veins from all angles, and exposes patients to less radiation than conventional imaging.
Health officials say the new technology will save more lives by allowing doctors to see things via three-dimensional images that they would not of been able to see before, and treat patients more effectively.
Doctors says everyone can benefit from this new technology, especially those with a higher risk of circulatory problems.
The technology provides crystal clear images of vascular problems and also provides a real-life road map on how to get inside the body to treat them.

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